Coating Services:


C4's standard for firearms coating is Cerakote Firearms Coatings. Our factory trained and certified painters consistently deliver next level product.

Cerakote has quickly become the industry standard for firearms and knife manufacturing.  Not only is the Cerakote finish beautiful, but it provides a level of corrosion resistance that traditional coating processes cannot accomplish.     

A quote from one of my best guys says it all:

"Our coatings are highly addictive and contagious if seen or touched. Use caution when unveiling your masterpiece around friends or in public places. May cause an overwhelming sense of joy that makes a grown man cry. Also known to cause envy and coveting that can lead to riots. May cause you to be esteemed above the commoner, feel amazing, appear younger, run faster, look better, and at times mistaken for a superhero.
Although these symptoms are serious, trust our reviewers and us when we tell you…
It’s worth it."