Engraving SERVICES

Custom Artwork

Custom artwork creation is one service that truly sets us apart from other engraving shops.  We commonly create one-of-a-kind artwork from badges, medals, patches and photographs.  Each engraving starts out with the creation of an in-house drawn vector file of your desired image.  This allows changes or variations of your design to be made quickly and efficiently.  With over 20 years of experience we truly are experts in vector art illustration. 

Custom Engraving

Personalization of firearms and knives are the foundation of what C4 Precision does best.  We employ a wide range of laser engraving techniques to sculpt your design into metals in ways you’ve never imagined.  Whether your project is a single custom design or a limited production run, C4 Precision has the skills and the passion to bring your project to the next level. 

Production Marking

C4 Precision Engraving offers the latest in laser marking technology and techniques. We consistently deliver the highest level of image quality in the permanent marking and branding of your products.  These markings range in depth from 0.001” to 0.030” depending on the application. 
  Common production markings:

        Part numbering